The Khopesh

Ok so today I watched a documentary about ancient Egyptian weapons mainly focusing on the weapons used during the reign of Rameses II and one weapon that stood out to me was the Khopesh, a curved sword used by the Egyptians.

One of the main reasons i really like the Khopesh is it’s curved design. Being made with that curve allowed the Khopesh to be extremely good at slash, during that as when a swordsman slashed his opponent, the Khopesh naturally performed a cutting motion.

The Khopesh’s curved blade also had hook like ability in that a good swordsman could hook the shield of his opponent and pull it down giving the swordsman room to stab his opponent.

As always if you have any questions on the Khopesh or would like me to blog about another historic culture, tool or simply answer a question feel free to comment below.



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